Map of Venice

Map of Venice

Information on the Map of Venice

Venice, the beautiful city of the lagoon has received several names during its history: the "Queen of the Adriatic", the "serene", the "City of the canals". Venice is located in a marshy lagoon in the Adriatic Sea between the mouth of the Po and Piave rivers. In this map of Venice you can see the location of the main monuments, museums, squares, churches and tourist attractions of the city. By clicking on each icon you can get more information about the attraction of your interest. You can also download the PDF file of the Venice map and print it.

What to see in Venice?

The capital of Veneto has 120 islands connected with each other by bridges, rivers and canals, a city that has preserved its past to offer it to the public. Walk through the streets, cross its bridges and visit some of its most important churches and palaces. Venice is surrounded by water and its main street is the Grand Canal. Venice has an abundance of museums and art galleries, as well as churches and basilicas. The main points of interest are:

Venice Museum Pass
St. Mark's Square Museums
Doge's Palace: Piazza San Marco, 1 - Venezia
Doge’s Palace Secret Itineraries: Piazza San Marco, 1 - Venezia
Correr Museum: Piazza San Marco, 52 - Venezia
Archaeological Museum: Piazza San Marco, 52 - Venezia
Biblioteca Marciana: Piazza San Marco, 7 - Venezia
St. Mark’s Basilica: Piazza San Marco, 328 - Venezia
Ca' D'Oro – Galleria Franchetti: Sestiere di Cannaregio, 3932 - Venezia
Ca' Rezzonico: Dorsoduro, 3136 - Venezia
Accademia Galleries of Venice: Campo della Carità - Venezia
The Islands of Venice: Murano, Burano y Torcello

How to get to Venice?

Are you preparing your trip to Venice? Take into account that Venice is a city that extends over the waters of a lagoon where the streets have been replaced by canals. The city is well served with trains, airport and the tourist port so you can get there by car, train, bus or plane.

VENICE AIRPORT - MARCO POLO (VCE): It is the main airport of Venice and is located 8 km from the city, takes its name from the merchant Marco Polo who was born in Venice. To get from this airport to Venice there are several options.
Blue bus, azienda ATVO: This bus connects the airport with the Rome Square, it offers departures every half an hour and the journey time is about 20 minutes. The company ATVO also offers a service called "flybus" that communicates the airport with the Mestre station.
ACTV bus nº 5: This bus connects the airport with the Rome Square making several stops so the journey time is about 40 minutes. If your objective is to go to the Mestre station, take bus number 15.
Alilaguna: This is a boat service, a "water bus" that connects the Marco Polo Airport with the St. Mark's Square. The duration of this journey is about an hour, stopping at the central points of the city.
Transfer service: It is possible to book a transfer service to and from the Marco Polo Airport. Book here.

TREVISO AIRPORT - SANT'ANGELO (TSF): Also known as Canova Airport, is a small airport located 40 km from Venice, is used by some low-cost companies.
ATVO Bus: This bus connects the Treviso Airport with Venice with two stops, one at the Mestre train station, and the other at the Rome Square. Its frequency depends on the arrival of flights and the journey time is 70 minutes. From the Rome Square to the airport, departs between two and three hours before the departure time of the plane.
Bus Barzi Service: This service offers the same schedules as ATVO with the difference that the journey time is 40 minutes. Barzi Service also offers a service between the airports of Treviso and Marco Polo with a journey time of 30 minutes.
Transfer service: It is possible to book a transfer service to and from the Treviso Airport. Book here.

SANTA LUCIA TRAIN STATION: This is the Venice train station that connects the city of the lagoon with the mainland and is one of the largest train stations in Italy. From here you can take a water taxi to the St Mark's Square or walk. Thanks to its location it is possible to move from here to other cities in Italy like Rome, Milan or Florence.

ROME SQUARE OR PIAZZALE ROMA: This Square is where buses go to mainland and is the last point of Venice where it is possible to arrive by road. It is located where the Liberty Bridge ends and is a must stop for anyone arriving to Venice by bus from the Marco Polo Airport, the Treviso Airport or the Mestre Train Station.

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