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Avoid the queue at the Venice Museums!
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World heritage city, since always it represents one of the most romantic cities in the world.
Formed by small and large islands that give life to a true outdoors work of art.
Venice has no roads; in fact you can only move through the channels to observe the wonders that characterize it.
Venice is the city that floats on time. Suspended between water and sky, fascinates its visitors. It steals your heart and stays in your mind.
A Maritime Republic, Venice has always served as a crossroads between the cultures of the near East and the European continent.
Thanks to its capacity of being the "center of the world", Venice was, and still is, one of the most important centers for culture development for the European art and poetry.

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The Venetian Museums

The Doge’s Palace: the highest expression of the Gothic architecture embellished with Renaissance and Mannerist added details; it was the palace of the Doge and the Venetian Magistracy. Today it houses the works of Venetian masters as Tintoretto, Bassano and Vassilacchi. The Doge’s Palace is one of the main landmarks of the city of Venice.
The Ca’ D’Oro - Franchetti Gallery: home of the San Sebastiano del Mantegna and built in the 15th century, is an old residence that now houses the art collection of Baron Giorgio Franchetti. Inside there are works of the Flemish and the Tuscan schools, special bronzes and remarkable renaissance sculptures.
The Ca' Rezzonico: designed by the Baroque architect Baldassarre Longhena, now houses the Venetian museum of the '700, the works by Canaletto, Tiepolo and Longhi are arranged in systematic order.
The Accademia Gallery: located on the south bank of the Grand Canal, hosts Venetian paintings of the period between the 14 and 18 centuries by artists as Titian, Tintoretto and Tiepolo.
The Correr Museum: this museum covers both the art and history of Venice. Canova's works are preserved in the Napoleon wing. The Procuratie Nuove holds a collection that documents various aspects of institutional and the daily life of Venice.
The Archaeological Museum: where you will discover ancient sculptures, ceramics, bronzes gems and coins dated back to the Assyrian-Babylonian and Greek-Roman period.
National Library of St Mark's (the Biblioteca Marciana): designed by Jacopo Sansovino was built in 1468. It houses important Greek and Latin manuscripts donated by Cardinal Bessarion. Its Vestibule ceiling was decorated by Titian and it’s located on the first floor.

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